Fog…mourning doves…2017…

I awoke this morning to find the house enshrouded in mist. It was as if, while I slept, the fog which has so befuddled my creative senses these past six months seeped from my head with each sleeping snore, then out through the cracks of this drafty house, leaving my mind clear for the new year. It seemed almost too good to be true! But as I made my first cup of coffee, I noted a single mourning dove…symbol of female fertility and procreation…perched on the bare branches of the tree outside the window and I knew I was finally returning to my creative self!

So often people start the New Year by giving up things they love…drinking, smoking, perceived bad behavior. No pun intended, but I gave up that practice long ago! For me the New Year…this one more than ever…is about taking back. This year I vow to take back my creative courage, joy, and energy…and return to the path from which I strayed sometime last year, the end of which was particularly rough on my creativity.

Now the fog has burned off and the mourning dove departed, but I’ve captured their messages in my heart, which is excited, joyful, and inspired on this first day of 2017!




Fog and toast…

It’s one of those lovely, foggy July mornings in Sonoma County…and a Saturday. Which means that, not only will the temperatures stay down today, but I can wrap myself up in socks and a sweater, have extra coffee and toast, and spend guilt-free hours in the house.

The focus of this weekend is preparing my first submissions to send out to agents. Tuesday’s the big day. My husband asked, “Why Tuesday?” First, because it takes time to make sure everything is just right, and this is one of those things you want to do absolutely right. “We’re incredibly busy people. Don’t give us an excuse to say ‘no’ with careless errors.” This is something I’ve heard from more than one agent…and I’ve listened. The second reason for Tuesday is that it’s a full moon…and I’m going for all the good energy I can get! In seriousness, I believe I’ve crafted a professional query letter, managed an intriguing yet concise synopsis, and, most importantly, written a great book! As I was finishing the final read-through and line-edits, I found myself caught up in the story and unable to stop turning pages. Since I already knew the ending, this seems promising.

Time for another John Williams’ soundtrack, more toast with homemade lemon curd, and back to those submissions.