Fog…mourning doves…2017…

I awoke this morning to find the house enshrouded in mist. It was as if, while I slept, the fog which has so befuddled my creative senses these past six months seeped from my head with each sleeping snore, then out through the cracks of this drafty house, leaving my mind clear for the new year. It seemed almost too good to be true! But as I made my first cup of coffee, I noted a single mourning dove…symbol of female fertility and procreation…perched on the bare branches of the tree outside the window and I knew I was finally returning to my creative self!

So often people start the New Year by giving up things they love…drinking, smoking, perceived bad behavior. No pun intended, but I gave up that practice long ago! For me the New Year…this one more than ever…is about taking back. This year I vow to take back my creative courage, joy, and energy…and return to the path from which I strayed sometime last year, the end of which was particularly rough on my creativity.

Now the fog has burned off and the mourning dove departed, but I’ve captured their messages in my heart, which is excited, joyful, and inspired on this first day of 2017!



7 responses to “Fog…mourning doves…2017…”

  1. Don’t you love new beginnings…a new journal, pages still white and unblemished, a fresh morning, a wonderful sunset, the first minute of the new year…..I love how creative you are, even when you don’t think you are, it seeps from your pores, you may not be able to see or feel it…but I can…I wish one thing for you if nothing else, to learn to step out in the wind, hold your arms out, close your eyes and let the wind of time seep through you, feel what it brings to you, not just the motion, but the emotion, I know your rolling your beautiful Italian eyes thinking, mom, your nuts….but believe in me, my little witch….its within you to feel, to learn from, to let cleanse you when you feel the need of purification… in me my little one….its all there in the wind waiting to help fulfill your dreams, desires and bringing you messages from beyond….Happy New Year my first and favorite true angel of my life…. may this year be full of love, happiness and many, many blessing for you and Matthew……all my love as always…..your mummie
    The beach is a great place to start learning the ways of the wind….wait till be move on to moon beams…then life gets exciting…..

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  2. Ooooo I can’t wait to come along…..

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  3. What a perfect piece of writing and what a wonderful start to the year! Thank you so much 😊

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    1. Are you still in your little Thatch roof cottage surrounded by the love of your daughters???

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      1. We left on 28th and travelled to LIverpool to see Two Brains family and take youngest daughter back to Uni there. I love LIverpool and I love the people there so we left on 30th to see my mum one last time and my brother who had flown in from Bahrain that morning. Then to the south coast to stay with hubbies oldest friend and his wife who have just moved to a house looking over the see (but it was foggy so no lovely sunset nor sunrise and no glimpse of the moon). 31st we set off at 0800 and arrived home at 0300 on 1st January (there is an hour time difference between England and France) and cracked a bottle and sighed with content and relief! Now you …. I wish you a year of joy and laughter, peace and contentment and so much love. I also wish you moonbeams and I give thanks that you are my dear friend xxx


      2. I just was able to get to my comment section…it would not work…so after much naughty words…

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      3. so now it will let me finish…it keeps freezing up on me….aghhhhh so happy that your having or had have had, try that one 3 times…LOL a wonderful holiday season and you are at home!!!!! ahhhhh home…..xxxxxxkat

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