Like a good French cheese…

FullSizeRender 2Has anyone been to the Berkeley Hills? I was there Thursday night for the first time…somewhere off Grizzly Peak Road amidst beautiful homes, a sunset and stars, and a small host of writers & readers gathered in one of those beautiful homes to hear Susan Shea and Cara Black discuss their latest books. I carried in a caramelized onion and mushroom quiche and was transported to France, where Susan’s new series is set in a small fictional Burgundian town and Cara’s long-running Aimée Leduc series is set in Paris (with New York best-selling results, I might add).

The event also helped me to see how I’ve matured…like a good French cheese. (Sorry…too good to resist!) What I mean by this is that I am finally appreciating spiritually what I’ve always known logically…that it isn’t the destination that brings the greatest reward, but the journey. In the past I would have gone to such an event with some aim in mind…to network, to make an impression, to get somewhere or get something. And I would have left feeling icky, unsatisfied, and unsuccessful. And I understand now it was because I was so focused on my expected outcomes that I was closed off to the magic and synchronicity that might have unfolded naturally…I was so focused on the results, that I missed the joys offered by the process.

So Thursday night I had no goal but to get to those Berkeley Hills before the event started…which was no small feat with quitting time traffic that took two and half hours! But with that accomplished and people tucking into the quiche, I took a seat and let anything or nothing happen. As it is, I met some lovely people, soaked in the discussions of setting (very pertinent to my own novel) and French current events (always interesting), and let myself be dissuaded by Susan from a drastic POV revision to my manuscript. In fact, that two and half hour drive might just have saved me weeks of work!



7 responses to “Like a good French cheese…”

  1. Funnily enough I’m driving through Burgundy tomorrow en route home. In Champagne this evening – I may be forced to go native …. I’m tempted by both titles and mostly delighted that you gained real value from the evening.

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    1. I actually thought of you when I wrote this post and wondered what you’d make of my French evening! By the way, I’m notoriously horrible at exploring other blogs…you’ve seen how horrible I am at keeping up on my OWN blog lately!…but I’m getting better. I tiptoed into your blog last week and thought it was magical. My intention is to spend some quality time there. You’re a wonderful writer!…which I already knew from your eloquent, witty comments 🙂


      1. Shelley I welcome you with arms open but stress there are no expectations not rules Chez moi … I’m dreadfully erratic at blogging though generally a good follower. When the mood takes you is fine by me! Gros bisous from France 😊


  2. Sounds like a delightful evening…first I thought you were in Beverly Hills…you know how I scan over the words at first…LOL but Berkley Hills are just as beautiful!! Glad you set back and relaxed,, no expectations, just enjoying the moment and let the magic wash over you….I am going to get Love and Death in Burgundy…sounds wonderful…love you lots my little witch….xxmum

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    1. Yes, you are notorious for skimming & reacting! Haha! Can’t wait to see you soon! XOXO

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      1. Yes like when I thought your house burnt down….I am trying to be better….however bad habits are hard to break…LOL can’t wait…


  3. What a lovely post, and such a terrific evening! Glad you were able to attend–and the quiche was magnifique!

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