An unapologetic era…

Good morning! As I was taking Oscar for his morning walk…(for those not following on Instagram, Oscar is on his way to becoming a bona fide “Adventure Cat” under the alias of Licorice…hence the camo vest and far-reaching gaze)…I was getting caught up on Social Media and came across this quote…

“I’ve worked too hard on my happiness to be affected by people and things that don’t understand the energy and time I’ve put into myself” ~Billy Chapata

…and it gave me pause…enough pause to sit and write a post. Why…?

Perhaps because I’ve always been a people pleaser, and part of being a people pleaser is not letting others feel uncomfortable or put out, even at your own cost. As a result, we people pleasers apologize for our unique beauty, greatness, accomplishments…we diminish ourselves so others don’t have to feel less than. What many of us fail to understand before too much time has gone by or before it’s too late is that everyone’s greatness and beauty is individual…your accomplishments can’t diminish mine and vice versa because we each have our own gifts to give…and we each have our own spectacular beauty to fill the world with that that only we can offer. Unfortunately, some of us convince ourselves otherwise and spend too much of life apologizing, hiding, and negating ourselves.

Maybe it’s turning 40 or just a natural accumulation of life experiences which has made me intolerant of certain things…things like lies, cruelty, ignorance, and self-deprecation, just to name a few.

And so begins an unapologetic era…



8 thoughts on “An unapologetic era…

  1. Awe, I am pretty sure you inherited that from your mummy…and of-course your way more of a lady with class than I, when I turned forty, I called it the “f-u” years……felt exactly the same way you do, however I am not the lady you have grown into…lol I love you lots…..mummy

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  2. Shelley you speak right to my people pleasing soul and you inspire me to try harder to work on me. I am very good at telling others to do this but an abject failure when it comes to me. All hail the unapologetic era and thank you for this uplifting post. PS: Camo Cat is looking feline fantastic!

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  3. I do miss our walks around the neighborhood. Oscar is a perfect replacement for me! Love your message about being a people pleaser. . too true about us. Love you.

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