And what a leap it was!…

…all the way from the New Year to mid-summer! How did that happen…?

Well, I can only describe the first few months in my new position at the college as truly grabbing hold of a moving train and hanging on for dear life. But hang on I did, and manage to scramble aboard and squeeze myself into a rattling car. And it’s still full steam ahead. Then, in February, I turned 40 which called for an impromptu, creative jaunt to my beloved City of Dreaming Spires.

I returned to spend hours in the backyard stripping paint off doors and window trim in anticipation of remodeling my office…at the same time spending precious last days with my feline magician assistants, Copperfield and Houdini, who left me in April and May, and took with them all joy for a time.


After seventeen years of company on every life step, dream, and scheme, the world within and without was sad and uninspired without them. For a time I didn’t care if the office got finished or the book published or what filled my free time. Thankfully, that part of grief does pass. And though those two are forever in our hearts and missed daily, there is a new addition to the family who has infused it anew with youth and joy. Realizing that we still had love and a home to share…and that a real writer needs a cat companion to write anything worthwhile!…my husband brought this fellow home from the local animal shelter…

He was introduced to us as a twelve-year-old Licorish, but we now know him as the more-like-four-year-old Oscar.

But in this long leap of time and all that transpired, did I take the “true leap” I wrote about in January…the daily leap into the life and identity of a writer, filled with wonder and writing and inspiration, despite everything else that can get in the way? The short answer is yes…and no. I did…just not as much as I should or could have.

When I was in Oxford I spent five blissful days researching an exciting new treasure hunt of a story…I just haven’t made much progress on the actual writing of it. And I have been wrestling with and pondering important revisions to Shadow of a Woman, with good results, making it a stronger manuscript…but I haven’t yet resubmitted to agents. And I made it to a Sisters-in-Crime meeting…but only one. Still, here I am, having leaped, stumbled, had a bit of a rough landing, but brushed myself off and am ready to go.

And that’s the reality of leaps, I suppose…


12 responses to “And what a leap it was!…”

  1. Just keep leaping my love…..

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  2. Kathleen Caffrey Avatar
    Kathleen Caffrey

    Love you and your writing. Keep posting. Your kitty is beautiful.

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  3. Roberta Young Avatar
    Roberta Young

    Live…Love…Loss, repeat – the eternal circle. But if you try to lessen or ignore a step, the others suffer. We all grieve and respond differently. As long as we truly start living again, we will be able to love truly again . . . lucky for Oscar!

    I so look forward to your posts and shared progress!! I would love to hear more about your job, too. Please keep us in the loop!?! All my best wishes for your Fabulous Forties!!

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    1. Thanks for the kind words and thoughts and always being interested. I’m determined to post more…I actually love it…it’s just funny how quickly life goes by…and gets in the way! Hope you’re well! X


  4. Your last line is perfect.❤️

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    1. Thank you, my darling! X


  5. Yes and no seems fair to me …. and I am sorry you lost your beauties but so happy to see the new companion who is definitely an Oscar if I ever saw one!

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    1. It took about five names and four days but we got there! Thanks for the lovely comment…it’s nice to be back on here!


      1. I once had a Labrador that I briefly named Willow. She sat awkwardly nursing the name for a few days and then managed to communicate that her true moniker was Tally-Boolah (it fit, honestly) so I took her pleasing advice and it stick. Except with number three daughter then aged 7 who insisted on calling the bewildered puppy Willow for about another 18 months! 😁


  6. Shelley, I’m glad you found the brake on that train and shared your ups and downs with us. It’s always a pleasure to read your writing, so I’m hoping you’ll keep us on your itinerary for stops in the near future.

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    1. Thank you for your constant support X


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