The true leap…

After ten days of glorious winter sunshine, the rains have returned. And after ten days of luxurious winter break, I must return to the real world and a new position! Somehow, despite the moments of anxiety and trepidation that have punctuated my vacation whenever I considered the leap I’m taking, quite unexpectedly, today I find myself ready for the challenge. In fact, I’m even preparing…


But preparations are not just about getting my notes and supplies in order, or cleaning out my bag and doing laundry…it’s also about putting things in perspective.

Meaning…no matter how I earn my keep, no matter how good I may be at my day job, no matter where my car takes me to and from Monday thru Friday…I am a writer and so “success” must be defined as something more than just fulfilling a job description and passing probation. It is being inspired throughout the day, taking the time to jot ideas down, even daydreaming a bit; having energy in the evenings for writing and revising and scheming; and keeping weekends free for adventures, my whiteboard, and research.

The true leap I’m taking…and must take every day, as fearlessly as possible…is being a writer first.

6 responses to “The true leap…”

  1. What is your new position Shel?

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    1. Assistant to the Dean! That should keep me busy for a bit 😉 Hope you and the kitty are well. Happy New Year!


  2. You are my little authoress…my little witch,…my little princess… are many things all wrapped up in you….I love you….mummie


  3. That’s exactly it … if you think as a writer you will become the writer first and foremost. Given the skill with which you throw a post together, you clearly ARE the writer and I wish you great success in this year as you form your thoughts into works of literature that you are proud of.

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    1. Thank you for your encouragement!

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