Woosh! The curtains open…

I’m here! I’m here! *waving from the front windows*

I know, it’s been too long! I’ve just been in a little funk. The kind of funk where you eat too many donuts and drink too much coffee, abandon exercise altogether, and can’t properly get started on a writing project even when your sanity depends on it. (All you writers out there, is there such a thing as post-first-submissions-blues…?) And I *moved* into this beautiful new virtual space, had an *open house*, then proceeded to close all the curtains and wander around aimlessly! (All you bloggers out there, is it possible to have bloggers’ block…?)

But I’m back! And I can report the following good news—I have joined Mystery Writers of America, I am signed up for a Sisters-in-Crime writers conference in San Francisco next month, I will be guest lecturing again this fall, and I’m working diligently through Julia Cameron’s “The Artist Way.” Not only that, but school has started, so the college is buzzing with contagious energy, and the first leaves have started to fall, marking the approach of my favorite season. And even though I’ve been in a funk, I haven’t been completely idle. I’ve been working on getting my new home office set-up, completed two cross-stitch projects, traveled to Washington State to visit family, and started translating my grandmother’s cookbook with my father.

“How are the submissions going?” you ask.

In the month and a half since I sent out my first eight submissions, I’ve had two rejections, two non-responses, and am still waiting to hear back from four agents who note longer response times. I’ll admit there was a crisis of faith when I wasn’t instantly offered a deal…honestly, who doesn’t fantasize it’ll happen with the first response?!…but I have regrouped, read all those articles about famous authors being rejected dozens of times before acceptance to soothe my ego, and am actually excited about the next batch of submissions I’m preparing now.

“And how are you getting out of this funk?” you ask next.

Posting this is certainly a step in the right direction! Another must, is getting up early in the mornings to write and exercise, like I did this morning. I have learned that if I don’t, I’m a complete mess the rest of the day. And finally, just reminding myself that I am a writer, showing up to the life I want, and leaving the rest to God and the universe.

8 responses to “Woosh! The curtains open…”

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    My daughters blog…..hope you all take a minute to read through it and leave her a hello….she is the one who got me hooked on WordPress….


  2. Well hello there my little pumpkin!!! We can actually leave a comment…thank you for that….and I am glad you have opened the curtains and stepped back out into the real world…LOL I love you…..enjoy the season…..breath deep and just let the leaves fall where they may!!! XXX mummie


  3. Very nice to meet you, Shelley. Good luck with your submissions. It sounds like you are on your way to making a deal 😊

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    1. Nice to meet you as, well! And thank you for the good wishes.


  4. Hi Shelley … your mum directed me your way which I hope gives me some credence! I am a writer and was a literary Agent in my pre-baby days about a squillion years ago (I kid you not, it is a LONG time ago now). I’ll watch quietly for a while and then if you like I can give you some advice both on the writing as a writer and on the writing and submissions from the Agent/Publisher perspective. In my experience although the tools have changed the basic logic hasn’t. Even though I am a product of the neolithic age 😉

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    1. Hello back! Thank you for your kind message! I’m honored to have you come along on this crazy writerly journey I’m on…and any words of wisdom are much appreciated. I think you are absolutely correct…the landscape and tools have changed, but the rules are still about the same. Participating in #PitMad on Twitter today…four agents have expressed interest and I’ve sent off submissions…yay! Of course, no promises, I know. It’s definitely speed-dating. Lol. I look forward to future communications. Best!

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  5. Welcome back. The solution to writer’s block… quieting the mind and enjoying your surroundings. It’s kind of like dating… when actively working hard to find a relationship, it never appears to exist… walk away and it seems to find you.

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement and wisdom! Reminds me of the ladybugs anecdote in the film, Under the Tuscan Sun! Good advice.

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